Thursday, August 6, 2009

half year post

this blogging thing is proving quite an undertaking and it seems that twice a year posts are all that can be managed. the vanslootens are all good and doing great and someday we may even be able to post a few pictures of what we're up to. so let's see, since that last disney posting, jolie turned 8 ( highlights; baptism and party with friends), been to the baja shack twice, summer fun in full swing although just managed one rincon beach day, a day visit to balboa island in newport beach, swimming at friend's pools, a week of cub scout summer day camp for rowena, a week of scout camp for henry as well as a week of school trip to florida, more swimming and as of this posting we are still in garden valley, idaho. staying at a house right on the fork of the middle and south of the payette river. mark's dad built the house so it's extra special (bummed that they dont own it anymore). kayaking, innertubing down the river, boat floats on the white water, hot springs and trips to the little town mercantile and fast sunday at the local branch. we are having a great time and will be sorry to leave to go back to woodland hills and soon back to school. but wait we still have camping in refugio and another trip maybe to baja coming up. it's all good. missing all our friends but we'll see you soon

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Went with friends Nancy and son Jake to Disneyland on the
last Friday of winter break (they have 3 weeks). Gorgeous
day at the park and not too crowded we all had a great time.
It was jolie's first time (parents have been dreading the crowd not
to mention the steep price to get in) so we were so excited
for her (and she was too). Nancy, our Disneyland expert (goes
to Disneyland with Jake about once a month, maybe more,and
needless to say have annual passes for years now, grew up
around Disney, and every year Disney would close the park
for her Dad's company employees and families, nice) made
the experience special. As Socal residents we also got a break
that day. For the price of admission we get to come back again
within 30 days and hop both Disneyland and California Adventure.
Yah, we are going back, right Jolie.
Jolie, Henry and Sam
in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Buzz Lightyear ride

jake,jolie,henry and sam

jungle cruise

got stuck in the Indiana Jones ride for 15 minutes, 10
minutes before the park closes.

henry and jake

and sammy didn't mind, in fact they went again.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Year's Day at 4 in the morning we were yet again on the road heading south to our baja beach/surf shack this time with Henry's friend Jake in tow. This is our 5th New Year's trip with the Smiths and Rondos who had been camping at that same palapa spot where the shack now stands since the mid-90s. Our friends always come down day after Christmas and leave after New Year's so by the time we get there the place is already rockin'. This year there are 18 of us all told, including 6 mo old Trey Rondo and 18mo old Aubrey Kelsay.
jake, henry, sammy and jolie looking down at the secret beach

jolie, jake, henry and sam going down the volcano

jake and henry checking out consuelos

a polar bear swim for henry,jolie and sam. grrrrrr!

jake staying dry

might be mark in front of the house

a snail in a bucket

a shipwrecked jake, sam and henry

view from our sleeping loft

headin' out

Monday, January 12, 2009

2008 in pictures Spent New Years Day (which also happened to be Sammy's
birthday) in San Diego. The Dead Sea Scrolls were on exhibit at the
SD Natural History Museum
our friend Sean from Vancouver came to visit for the holiday.

Huntington Beach Pier

end of day

Jolie on the pier
New Year's Day
Martin Luther King weekend trip to Baja with
Roy and Kelly Willardson and kids Max and Mia
boys paddling out

mia enjoying the sand dunes


roy communing with dolphins

sammy on a school trip to d.c
gettysburg and philadelphia

washington monument
dylan and sam at the smithsonian

at gettysburg

at the declaration of independence museum
Spring Break

Easter trip to Baja with

Taylor and Sheri Nelson and kids
Abby and Parker
Jolie and Abby
Abby and Parker
Easter morning

Easter weekend at baja

early spring time hike

up on the hills of

Topanga Canyon State Park

Sammy and

Jolie enjoying a nice day at Cardiff Beach

at the Cowboy store enjoying quesadillas
baja for memorial day

marie and sam

checking out a sidewalk store in Ensenada

kayaks and stand up paddle boards , fun
but in May that water is still cold so don't fall in
Memorial Day weekend with Kevin, the Rondos and the
Tippetts, oh and Marie

Jolie's slumber birthday party
May 11, 2008

she's 7 in 2008

Baja in August

our secret beach

tidepools below the house

Montezuma's Castle in Arizona
one of our stops on our 3 week road trip in July

Mark's UFO at the UCM Museum
Abita Springs, Louisiana

New Orleans across from Cafe DuMond

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial


Liberty Island, New York

in front of Tomo-chi-chi's grave in Savannah, Georgia

Niagara Falls

New Orleans

on a oxen ride in Nauvoo

Colorado mountains

Independence Pass
during our three week road trip from LA to NY and back

rincon with friends late july
our favorite beach which we dominate every time we go
which was almost every weekend in the month of August

mermaids hailey, loni, claire and jolie

another rincon beach day with friends

roasting hotdogs and pizzas on charcoal ovens
late into the summer night at rincon

august at refugio

trevor on the standup

henry on the longboard

campers parker nelson and hank tippetts

brielle reading a clue to find treasure hidden by
pirate don diego del donggo (huh?)or was it don jon refugio?
ask mark

treasure seekers

beach camping, refugio state beach

jolie and sam
jolie getting a shoulder ride from dad

sam, marie and henry on a quick trip to jalama beach while
camping at refugio

marie and henry are not too happy about leaving camp
i guess because it means -back to school!!!!

our truck all loaded up for the drive home
after 4 days camping at refugio
end of summer

jolie and that cute surfboard that's just right

jolie and

sammy stand-up paddleboarding at Cardiff
late summer

sam, marie, courtney and riley
all dolled up for the fashion show
marie and

sammy at the stake young women fashion show

sam and marie
fishing at Lake Casitas

henry and jake

i had the important task of holding the unbrella

jake and jolie

jolie casting away
on a fishing trip to Lake Casitas in October

brenda and jolie
rockers for Halloween

lindsay, brenda, kiana and jolie

madison, brenda and jolie
halloween parade at school

jolie with friends tyler and abby on her way to lunch

at Chuck-e-cheese in a limo (fundraiser prize)
Tuesday before Thanksgiving break

jacques and bo, thanksgiving at baja

loni and jolie, baja thanksgiving

with Pam, Lisa and Bo

Thanksgiving trip to Baja with Barnetts and Tippetts

Baja Thanksgiving trip

quick trip to San Francisco and

Santa Cruz in December to visit family